That’s me… my trip and my WHY?

Hello World, I’m Simone, or Mone for short, have 38 years of experience on this planet – and have just taken the chance for the first time in my life to travel long and far … and indefinitely. Amaaaazing!

In fact, traveling was just a by-product. The root of everything at the beginning was the inevitable thought: what would happen if I could decide every morning what I want today? An experiment, so to speak. On myself.

And then one day I packed my bag, got on the bus and headed east.

With a hint of adventure in your luggage, but rather an infinite curiosity: about the people I will meet, the cultures, but also about what I discover in myself. What do I choose every morning? And does that change with time and place?

I don’t think we humans prefer to do nothing. Rather, I believe that existing structures, societal opinions and our own beliefs prevent us from doing what we are really good at and fulfilling. That is what ultimately makes us successful. However, “success” should always be something that everyone defines for themselves. Not a lump sum for the sum in the bank account – as is well known, this does not make you happy nor does it lead to a fulfilling life. So what are your five most important things you want to have done or experienced in life? For me, one thing is to understand more, more of the world and people. Connections, synergies, but also conflicts.

As an entrepreneur with a focus on organizational development, my heart beats for successful forms of organization – I am therefore excited to see what is going on in companies of other cultures and how structures and processes are structured and leadership is lived there. What role does history and culture play? I’m sure a very essential one!

But first of all I am open to everything that will come. What I experience, what I don’t, not.

I have given permission for this experience. Ready to go…