The route is planned

The rough route, of course. Actually, I don’t want to plan at all, I just want to let myself drift. Nevertheless, there is a first rough idea: From Hamburg via Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to Russia. From there with the Trans-Siberian or Trans-Mongolian Railway via Mongolia to Beijing. Then through China to Vietnam … and then somehow south. Maybe I’ll come back from the West someday … maybe.

Practical tools for planning
This tool was useful for route planning during travel times:
You can enter your individual destinations here and get a rough overview of where and when is the best time to travel.

Everything else is created with the finger on the map … and in discussions with others. And then a friend comes up with the idea that he still has a lot of vacation left – great! In November 2019 I’ll get a visit (: o) Wherever I am: Meeting point Singapore!

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