SPb : romantic historical

“You go to St. Petersburg to fall in love, to Moscow to start a career.”

… This is how a Russian woman described the two cities to me. And I think it could hardly be more aptly phrased. St. Petersburg is very romantic with the many channels, the cultural scene lives here. The big, no huge squares seem pompous historical.

St. Petersburg is said to be more European than other cities in Russia. That also seems totally logical in terms of history. However, I don’t feel that way. Moscow seems to me to be much more cosmopolitan, so the city is somehow closer to me. Still, I think St. Petersburg is great and definitely worth a visit.

But I’m actually more interested in life in the city than the typical tourist stops. After all, in the few days I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the night scene: they can celebrate, the Russians! 😀

And then it goes on to Moscow.

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