Trans-Mongolian Railway

… more does not fit in the title with the length of the name. So I can go on the train again. From Irkutsk along Lake Baikal via Ulan Ude into Mongolia to Ulan Bator.

I am a little tired – the last night in Siberia was not that sleep-intensive, it was the last night, you have to take advantage of that. However, I did not expect this landscape addiction potential. So instead of using the bed in the train, I stand at the window for 14 hours until sunset and press my nose flat.

First it takes several hours along this huge lake Baikal to Ulan Ude, then on towards the Mongolian border. The landscape is changing, is becoming more and more breathtaking. Until it finally wraps itself in gray and further into the night. Finally sleep.

As always, it is very cozy inside. This time I have a four-person compartment all to myself. Fits my state of fatigue – hardly any communication necessary. The border procedure quickly. First the Russians, then the Mongols. Finished. Good night!

here’s a short video >>

Shortly after sunrise we arrive in Ulan Batur. Welcome to the capital of Mongolia!

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