Transsib : through Russia by train

The other way to travel. Decelerating and with great encounters.

Armed with instant noodles, instant coffee and everything that can be prepared with hot water, we are (finally) going to our living community for 3 days and 14 hours. Third class, of course. 3rd class = open sleeping car for approx. 50 people, two toilets and a hot water dispenser.

The landscape rushes and past by. Hardly any tourists on the train, mostly Russians on their way from one family member to another. English? German? No chance. Still you can communicate somehow. My newly acquired qualification: fluent with hands and feet. In our section we share our food like a picnic – it is exchanged and tried out diligently.

Boredom? No way! Yes, 3.5 days are long. Cards are therefore an absolute must have. But with a little creativity you can come up with other ideas: home cinema e.g. or it is animated to a general workout. We had to move a little bit.

The stops at the various train stations also make it possible to “stretch your legs” – usually between 20 minutes and an hour. Here you can fill up on the provisions. Fruits, fish and other fresh goods are sold on the platform. Drinks and ice cream are available in the station kiosk.

In addition to instant catering, three other things are essential for survival on this tour: toilet paper, wet wipes, dry shampoo. I think the purposes and instructions for use are clear. 😀

Next stop: Siberia

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