StepTWO | Docs

A few things that I planned in advance: passport photos for the extended and enlarged passport and all visas – will be a few.

Passport photos: Many thanks to Fred from fotostudio-eimsbü – not only for the extra photos, but also for the travel tips. >> I didn’t know that biometric passport photos could even look good <<

Passport: My first official act was to apply for a new passport, my current one would have expired the following year – not enough buffer. And what the avarice is, I ordered the larger version (more pages), after all the whole visas eat up a lot of space. Cost: € 82

Now it comes to the visas: I have to apply for Russia and China from Germany, the rest is mostly “on arrival” or is even possible for Germans here and there for a stay of 15 – 30 days without a visa. A more detailed list for each country can be found in my planning backlog, as described here.

As these informations are only valid for German citizens I skipped to translate the details of this part. You can find it on the German side 😉

Visa Russia: Costs: € 75,–

Visa China: Costs: € 175,–

International Driving License: Costs: € 16,90

That’s it. Let’s continue with the spring cleaning at home and packing the bag.

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