StepONE | Wanderlust

There it is … the chance for freedom. And an overwhelming curiosity. If not now then when… ?!

How is life in other countries, cultures, climates? Private, but also professionally. And how is the history of a country, the geographical characteristics, the culture reflected in companies / organizations?

The thought quickly arose that I did not want to get on the plane to wake up in a new culture, but that I would slowly move away – experience how the landscape and culture change. That’s how my route came about.

By land to the east. Approximately 11,000 km by bus and train to Beijing. Just the right speed to notice the change and just the right type of transportation to get to know the country and its people. And also to be able to make flexible decisions. No flight reservations needed in advance, nothing. Just go. How things will go from Beijing will be determined on the way. I do not plan consistently, I want to be able to choose freely every morning.

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