Malaysia : above the city roofs

Infinity pool. Until recently, I didn’t even know what it was. Somehow, in my imagination, I associated Kuala Lumpur with such a pool over the roofs of the city.

I don’t know where I got it from. But it definitely meant that I deliberately searched for an accommodation with such a pool. Not so cheap, as I found out. And I read in the recessions that it is also quite crowded. Then suddenly: a hostel with access to an infinity pool, 10 € / night. Seen, booked, not crowded.

It was probably the perfect place for Christmas. The hostel was small, had only 3 rooms, but a huge nice common area. Almost like an apartment: kitchen, sofa, dining table and a great balcony on the 32nd floor with a view over the city. And then there is also a group of six Germans – with similar ideas for Christmas of course. So we decide to use the “shared apartment” here, cook together and make the party together far away from family and friends. As Christmas gifts we gave each other a bottle of wine in turn – so wonderfully practical, these Germans.

And of course we did some sightseeing after a few days in our great hostel, which we felt we had taken over. I skip the background informations about the Towers and the Batu Caves here – Wikipedia knows better anyway in case of doubt.

Into the countryside – Cameron Highlands

Between Christmas and New Year, Stella and I went to the countryside – the Cameron Highlands. Also sooo funny: Stella lives exactly two blocks away from me in Hamburg. We know and love the same cafes and bars, but have never met before. That will change in future 🙂

The Cameron Highlands have huge tea plantations. I had never thought about it before, but now with admiration: these plantations look incredibly beautiful. So, in contrast to our KL eating and drinking program, we enjoyed ourselves with hiking and lots of exercise.

… to arrive back in time at our favorite hostel in KL on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve with probably the best view of a city that you can have “at home”.

Things I learned in Malaysia

1. Christmas without tradition is … let’s call it: strange. No problem to have it like this for one year. In the long run, that’s definitely nothing for me. Even if my family is really small – I miss them. But in the end it’s nice to spend Christmas in the distance with people who have very similar traditions.

2. Tea is beautiful. I love the tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands. The hills stretch infinitely, look so green, so full. Just beautiful.

3. Getting to know another and new way of life. On our hike through the Cameron Highlands we meet a couple from England, I would estimate early/mid 50s. The two have been traveling the world for years. Always with stopovers at home. They do not only travel, they also work abroad from time to time. No master plan, let it go. Maximum adaptability. Nice to be able to experience their lightness towards life. Easy but not off the beaten track.

4. Kuala Lumpur doesn’t shoot so much fireworks into the air. A fantastic view of the city for New Year’s Eve. However, we note that not as many rockets are launched here as I know from German cities. So there is no huge fireworks displayed over the city, just a few rockets. Kind of good, I think.

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