Hong Kong : two days, two perspectives

From 0 to 552 meters: on the peak and at sea level – you don’t often have the opportunity to enjoy these two sides of a city in the shortest possible time. Here we go …

Over the rooftops of the city – Victoria Peak

I love being over the roofs of a city. The bus slowly screws up the switchbacks, we gain altitude, climb along the skyscrapers until we have reached the roofs of the tallest buildings. And always on. Until it says “get out please!”. There was already a great view from the front row of the double-decker bus. The three other passengers and I spread out faster on arrival than recognizable. There is hardly anything going on. I arrive at the top all by myself … and there it is, this amazing view of the city. This is another moment when I have to pinch myself. Yes, I am really here. Just because.

I meet a Hungarian on the trail. She is visiting a friend and plans to travel through Thailand for three weeks. She is very interested in what the hostel life is like. And I discover the same question marks that I had at the start of my trip: “Am I not too old for a hostel? Are there not just the party-loving high school graduates? I’ve been out of my flat share for a long time. ”I can’t say anything about Thailand or Southeast Asia at this point. In the hostels I have been to – and I was very price-sensitive – the crowd was very mixed. In almost every hostel I met very young people as well as travelers in their 60s from various professional groups. They all had one thing in common: cosmopolitan, informed, curious, tolerant. An incredibly inspiring environment. Maybe it was also because of my travel route that I hadn’t yet met the party people?!

Into the fray – Hong Kong Island

I take the way back on foot, stroll down the path towards Hong Kong Island. I blindly stumble into a barrier. According to Google Maps, there is a street that goes down. The policeman grins: “Yes, yes, there is a street. But you still can’t go along.” – “Ok”, I turn away. And if you take a closer look at the map: University area. Just a little inconvenient. I’m such a hero of navigation.

Otherwise it is pleasantly empty in the city at the time. Many tourists have probably been deterred from visiting the city due to the unrest. It is quiet here at the moment. The elections last weekend ended pro-democratic.

A short dangle and I stand at the longest outdoor escalator in the world in Soho. And then right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the district. Since I only have one day to see something of Hongkong, I use the tram, which takes me comfortably from the west to the east of the island – the perfect solution to get a first impression. From modern high-rise buildings to the incredibly huge apartment blocks, which almost look like brood cells. Still, I like the city’s flair. I will probably come back sometime.

Get on the water – junk boat tour

My nonexistent planning couldn’t have worked out better. This weekend of all days, a few friends have been planning a junk boat tour for weeks. The boat takes you out of the city along the coast with a bunch of friends from friends from friends, thrown together wildly. Skyline, party, splashing around, eating, great people – everything you need for a perfect, extraordinary day.

Incredible how wonderful city flair, mountains, lots of greenery and water enter into a unique liaison in Hong Kong. Another night with friends a little outside the city, then it goes on and for me again to Mainland China, Shenzhen.

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